Stopping development


I’ve decided to stop development on Ecoder. It was not getting the attention it deserves, and I don’t think I can give it that. There are many alternatives out there, which I will list below, and Ecoder will not be able to catch up with them. This website will remain online until the domain expires in december, as will the Github, Facebook and Twitter page and the Google Group.


I hope that the few people who actually used this find a new place at one of the alternatives.

Release 0.5 and plans for the future

Hi all,

Soon, v0.5 will be released. I have decided, however, to change my release plan. v0.5 will be a release of minor importance, just to get the project going again with a new codebase. v0.6 will be the release introducing new features. Depending on the demand after that, we’ll go to v0.7 or v1.0.